Clash of the Clans – Only 4 Clans Remain!

It’s Monday, which means we are kicking off round 3 of our latest Clan Tournament, the Clash of the Clans! As the competition rages on, we would like to congratulate the 4 advancing groups of high flying Dragon Trainers- Flame Wings with 1067 Trophies, the  Snow Leopards with 896 Trophies, Berk Academy Student with 611 Trophies, and the Fearless Clan with 347 Trophies!

Competition has been as fierce as ever, but you have yet to back down despite some of the obstacles that have flown your way. Keep it up! Remember, those of you that are no longer in the competition can still continue through the tournament by playing Eel Roast. Besides the Boots of Champions that will be awarded to the last clan standing, we will also be giving 1000 gold coins to the Vikings that post the top 50 high scores in this dragon training game!

Active tournament times will resume at 2:00PM PST TODAY. Use this time to rally your Clan members to discuss a strategy to ride on for glory, Vikings!

School of Dragons available for ANDROID!

Trainers from all over School of Dragons have been talking about it. Have you heard the latest news on our mobile game front? The rumors are true… The School of Dragons app has been released for Android tablets through the Google Play and Amazon App Stores!
Cover art

Tell your fellow Clan members now and head to you app store now to download the game. After all, by staying connected to our expansive online world from your mobile device, you will be able to keep up with all the quests, tasks, and challenges that come your way!

Clash of the Clans: Prize Upgrades – The Boots of Champions!

Round 2 of the Clash of the Clans rages on and we’ve heard your pleas to up the stakes! Now, the exclusive Boots of Champions will not only help improve your Dragon’s happiness levels but this exclusive piece of Viking gear will also help better your turning radius as you speed through our high flying tracks.

And, for those continuing through the competition by playing for a spot among our top 50 scores in Eel Roast, you will now be receiving 1000 gold coins for your efforts!

Saddle up and rise to the occasion to rally your fellow Vikings for a spot in our final 4!

Clash of the Clans: Compete for the Boots of Champions

As if the competition were not fierce enough, round two of the Clash of the Clans now has our top 8 Clans going head-to-head not only for Viking glory or to advance to the semi-final round, but to get the exclusive Boots of Champions!

Think you have what it take to rise to the occasion? To come out on top, stay connected with your clan members and encourage everyone to keep earning as many trophies as possible in Thunder Run Racing and Fireball Frenzy.

And, if you didn’t make it through to round 2 of the Clash of the Clans, no need to stop the gaming! You can still stay in the competition by playing Eel Roast to compete for FREE gold coins. The Vikings with the top 50 scores by the end of the competition will receive honorable mention and 200 coins to use around Johann Trading Post!


Ride on, Vikings!

Clash of the Clans Tournament: Pool Play Results Are In!

Week 1 of the Clash of the Clans Tournament has officially concluded. We want to congratulate all the Clans that participated in this week’s pool play. We know it’s not easy trying to earn enough Trophies to make it to the top 8 and you’ve all demonstrated exceptional Viking spirit that deserves a firm pat on the back. Below, you will find the finalists who will be moving to the next round the Tournament. Remember, starting this week, you will face off another Clan in the top 8 to fight for one of the four spots in the semi finals. So don’t let your guard down just yet! The updated bracket, below, will show you who you are going head to head with next.

1. Flame Wings
2. Snow Leopards
3. Berk Academy Student
4. Hijackers
5. Fearless Clan
6. Wings of Royalty
7. FourBrothers
8. The Phantom Lords

For the Clans that didn’t make it to the top 8, we have something else planned for you. Starting at the same time as the next round of competition between the top 8, an exciting Viking Challenge will also commence. Dragon Trainers rank in top 50 of the Eel Roast high score board by the end of the Clan Tournament will each receive 200 FREE COINS.

The Clan Tournament will resume at 2:00PM PST TODAY. Use this time to rally your Clan members to discuss a strategy to beat out your opponent! Who do you think will make it to the semi finals?

Take Flight in the Clan Tournament Madness!

Ready to bring that ultimate Clan glory and an EXCLUSIVE and specially designed pair of boots home? Do you want your legendary story to become an epic tale shared amongst the future Viking generations? Be prepared for this month-long challenge! Starting at 2:00PM PST today, we’re going to kick off the Clash of the Clans Tournament. The entire schedule and details of the Tournament can be found here. Remember, first week is Pool Play, which means you have only ONE SHOT to make it to the quarter finals. If you don’t make it to the top 8, don’t feel discouraged. We will also offer another Viking challenge in week 2 that allows players with Eel Roast high scores in the top 50 to earn FREE COINS!

SoD-tournament-brackets copy

Keep up with the high positivity and elite training with your fellow Vikings during the Tournament and may the best Clan win!

Increase Clan Size with Gems

With the Clash of the Clans Tournament coming up next week, its time to gather more manpower to ramp up those Trophy count! Now, Clan leaders have the option to raise their Clan size from 50 to a maximum of 100 Clan members, with intervals of 10 in between. 

Clan Edit Button

To increase your Clan’s size, click onto the Edit icon under your Clan logo in the My Clan tab. Then, you can increase your Clan size by clicking through the arrows and you will be charged with a small gems fee. You can now recruit more Dragon Trainers to your Clan and start preparing for the epic madness next week!

Increase Clan Size

Book of Dragons – Video Highlight

For the new students who recently enrolled into School of Dragons, Welcome! We hope your first day of class has not been too harsh on you and that you are adjusting to the unyielding weather conditions and tough training. We’ve put together a video that highlights what are the perks of being a student at School of Dragons really means, narrated by our top Hero Dragon Trainer, Hiccup! You will have a blast learning about dragons, Vikings, and the science method through the carefully designed dragon training curriculum in SoD. Get ready for this thrilling, sky-high ride!

Tournament: Clash of the Clans

School of Dragons is back with another thrilling and challenging Clan Tournament! From March 3, 2014 (Monday) to March 31, 2014 (Monday), participating Clans will compete in a bracket-styled Tournament. The first week of the Tournament will be Pool Play, where the participating Clans will need to earn enough Trophies to snatch one of the 8 spots to move onto the quarter finals. The top 8 Clans will then go head-to-head with one another in the following weeks. Know that you must exercise supreme teamwork and outstanding dragon training skills to beat out your opponent to prevent your Clan from being eliminated from the Tournament entirely. This is essentially a sudden death Tournament that puts all your skills and knowledge to a hardcore test!

To win each round and ultimately, the Clash of the Clans Tournament is simple – earn more Trophies than your opponent! Note that we take the number of Clan members and the number of Trophies you earn in each round into consideration. Therefore, even if a few Dragon Trainers in a specific Clan have been more active than others, it does not mean they can outweigh the average of their entire Clan.

For those who couldn’t make it to the next round of the Tournament, we have another exciting opportunity lined up for you. After the top 8 Clans are selected from Pool Play, we will kickoff a Viking Challenge that will last for 3 weeks. The Dragon Trainers ranking top 50 on Eel Roast’s high score board will be awarded 200 COINS to spend in Johann’s Trading Post. Start practicing with your winged companion to bump up your scores!

The Tournament will be divided into FOUR rounds, each round begins on a Monday at 2:00PM PST, and ends on the following Monday at 12:00PM PST. Within that 2 hour break time, we will update the brackets with the Clans that are moving forward to the next round, and you can also use that time to regroup your Clan strategies. Although your Clans’ total Trophy count in-game does not change, we will reset your Trophy count internally after each round so that it will be a clean slate when you battle another Clan in the next round. Here is what the schedule for the upcoming Tournament looks like:

Week 1 (3/3 – 3/10) – POOL PLAY

This is where ALL the Clans in School of Dragons will need to give it their all because we will only choose the Top 8 Clans dependent on the highest Trophy Count to move onto the quarter finals.

Week 2 (3/10 – 3/17) – QUARTER FINALS

The top 8 Clans will be paired with each other to battle for the opportunity to move onto the next round of competition. The winning Clan with the highest Trophy count out of the two will move onto the semi finals.

Week 3 (3/17 – 3/24) – SEMI FINALS

The top 4 Clans will be paired with each other. The winning Clan with the highest Trophy count of the two will move onto the finals.

Week 4 (3/24 – 3/31) – FINALS

This is the last round of the Tournament. The championship game. It’s essentially Odin versus Thor so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this sky-high battle between the Top 2 Clans in SoD!

What do you get from winning the Clash of the Clans title? Each member of the winning Clan will be awarded a pair of newly designed and SPECIALIZED BOOTS that reduces the rate at which your dragon looses happiness. Recruit the elite Vikings to join your Clan and prepare for the back-to-back madness next week! Thor speed!

SoD-tournament-brackets copy