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What’s So Mysterious about the Boxes?

That’s because you don’t know what kind of prize you will get! But don’t worry – the boxes are designed so that you will always receive an item that you can use. Also, the boxes contain items that are always worth MORE than the price of the box, so it is definitely a steal!

Mystery Box

How the boxes works is very simple – purchase one of the three Mystery Boxes from the in-game store, and you will instantly be asked to pick a prize! There is an equal chance of winning each prize, so test your luck out today by heading over to Johann’s Trading Post to purchase one of these unknown prizes and experience the thrill that every Viking in School of Dragons is raving about!

Mystery Box Game

Limited-Time Sale on New Users Package!

Are you excited to take flight in your dragon training lessons in School of Dragons? For all the new eager recruits, get yourself prepared for the harsh weather conditions in Berk and the tough trainings by purchasing the New Users Package with more than 65% OFF!

New Users Package

This ultimate treasure contains all the necessities you need as you work your way towards becoming a top Viking in SoD. The items include your daily essentials, such as a farmer starter and fishing starter kit, to help you kick off your training, aesthetic gears for your Viking avatar and dragon to boost your in-game stats while keeping you warm at the same time, and more!  In dire situations, you may find this package come in handy, so be sure to pick up this life-saving deal up at the store before the offer ends!

Hero Dragons Highlight – Toothless and Hookfang

Do you want to experience the elevated rush of riding on one of the hero dragons? Now it’s your chance!

Toothless in Fireball Frenzy

Members and new players with a baby dragon can now get a taste of how it’s like to ride on the powerful and one-and-only Night Fury, Toothless, in Fireball Frenzy! Blast through the different stages with Hiccup’s prized dragon to achieve an unattainable and unbeatable high score!

Hoofang For Free

Also, Hookfang Flight Club levels are now FREE and accessible to all Vikings of School of Dragons! Put your dragon training skills to a fiery test by taming Snotlout’s temperamental Monstrous Nightmare. Enjoy the full experience and show us what is means to be an A+ student!

Members Can Unlock the EXCLUSIVE Dragons for FREE!

Finally, the longest and most anticipated wait is over! The terrifying Thunderdrum and bone-chilling Whispering Death have been made available for members. The wait is finally over! By becoming a member at School of Dragons, you can now take flight in your dragon training classes on one of these rare and thrilling dragons!

Unlocking Exclusive DragonsOnce you signed up for SoD membership (if you’re already a SoD member – props to you), create a new Viking profile. Do your customization and head to the Hatchery to pick out your fated winged companion! Remember, the dragon bond between your reptile and the Dragon Trainer is for life, so be sure to choose wisely.

Do you have what it takes to tame these fierce dragons? Become a member today!


2/13/14 – School of Dragons Update

New Features:

  • Unlocking Thunderdrum / Whispering Death dragons – Members ONLY
  • Play with Toothless in Fireball Frenzy
  • Terrible Terror dragons in Eel Roast
  • Mystery Boxes in the Treasure Store
  • Book of Dragons Introduction Video
  • New Scientific Method Quest
  • New and improved Job Board
  • New User Packages
  • Increase Clan size with gems
  • Hookfang Flight Club levels for FREE
  • Farming Update – Yak, Peppermint, and Elderberry
  • “Did You Know” facts in Eel Roast
  • Shorter loading times
  • Special Credits level
  • Items that will effect Viking and dragon stats
  • New first-time user experience

Bug Fixes:

  • New features are coming to Berk. Keep checking the App store for the update!
  • Fixed bug when sheep pen would sometimes fail to load in tutorials.
  • Adjusted scores for Flight Club for greater score variation, see how well you stack up now!
  • Fixed issue with jump button vanishing in the farm on mobile.
  • Fixed chat system in Fireball Frenzy and Thunder Run Racing.
  • Adjusted offset for chat so that the bubble is clearly visible.
  • Fixed Whispering Death’s fireball issue in FlightSchool.
  • Fixed lag in Night Fury Dragon Levels.
  • Made fishing easier in the farm.
  • Update to unity 4.3!
  • Fixed Eel Roast jump malfunction when coming out of the Hatchery for first time.
  • Fixed game crashing randomly during farming related tasks.
  • Fixed lap counter not aligning correctly during multiplayer races.
  • Fixed issues with dragons obstructing players’ view when playing Fireball Frenzy.
  • Adjusted the amount of taxi rings to make this area – more fun!
  • Fixed high score boards where text overlaps or doesn’t display correct information.
  • Fixed farming issues with CSM buttons displaying the incorrect icons at times.
  • Fixed farming issue relating to animal growth timer appears when tapping on the animal in build mode.
  • Fixed issue where user appears to be standing in midair if the user stands on the lift at the landing circle in the School.
  • Fixed FlightSchool – Joystick appears in level completion screen irrespective of the active control.
  • Fixed crashing issue after device pause.
  • Fixed Eel Roast challenge on Facebook where it freezes and dragon will be able to jump while shooting eels.
  • Fixed mobile issues relating to the joystick appearing where it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed fire button when it doesn’t load in the flying tutorial occasionally.
  • Fixed buddy list request, which enables their profile to load when players click on the picture.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting race tracks in Thunder Run Racing and improved selection.
  • Fixed issue relating to the fishing line staying with the player even after fishing.
  • Added a warning message when player does not have enough gems to change Clan size.
  • Fixed various issues with corrupted graphics.
  • Added a missing navigation mesh to the Turkey Perch.
  • Fixed gas particle not appearing for Hideous Zippleback dragon levels on mobile.
  • Fixed some decoration item names that were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed problems with challenges in Eel Roast.
  • Fixed balancing and added more time to Whispering Death Flight Club level.
  • Fixed fishing button for not responding in some cases.
  • Added Facebook Friends scores in result screen for iOS and Android.
  • Added new membership items for Android.
  • Fixed bug on Android – Buddy list button is not functional in the About Me page.
  • Fix for the New User Package does not appear when the player unlocks the package.
  • Fixed blank Mystery Box prize window issue.
  • Fixed interface problems with various menus.
  • Fixed text overlaps due to localization.
  • Fixed several text errors.
  • Localization update – correct flying tutorial text.
  • Fixed Graphics – user and dragon’s profile images are truncated in the HUD.
  • Fixed issue with joystick becoming invisible.
  • Updated Tapjoy Android.
  • Updated both iOS and Android texture settings.
  • Crash fix in iOS for SFS socket errors.
  • Fixed incorrect Target count is displayed after replaying the game from the result screen with Hookfang.
  • Bug Fix UI – Flags/Pickup/Rings UI disappears on pausing and un-pausing any level in FlightSchool.
  • Fixed missing texture on dragon Saddle.
  • Updated Android texture settings.
  • Fix to Hideous Zippleback Flight Club levels to optimize for Mobile.
  • Fixed Credits level so it is not save last location.
  • Fixed jumping function and shooting coordination in Eel Roast.
  • More balanced gameplay and economy.
  • Optimized culling for better mobile performance.
  • Updated the collision of the Answer menu Template.
  • Fixed problems with players being able to walk on water.
  • Fix to Online Push Notifications.
  • Fixed freeze when skipping a second movie.
  • Adjusted all World objects to use Mobile Shaders when on a mobile device.
  • Fixed to size of the chat bubble.
  • Fixed Back button in Credits Page.

Massive Update Release in School of Dragons!

One of our biggest updates so far has just been released at School of Dragons! From store item updates to introduction of new users perks to mouth-watering crops for your farm AND the ability to unlock a Thunderdrum and Whispering Death dragon without a code, all awaits inside the gates of SoD!

Eel Roast has brought the Terrible Terrors to join in on the fun. Their troublesome nature will create an even greater challenge for you, as you take on some of the toughest top scores in Eel Roast!

Terrible TerrorWe have revamped the job board to allow Vikings to use their stock to trade in for new creations and concoctions! Cool, huh?

Job Board ImprovementsWhether you are celebrating the Friendship Festival in the Great Hall, purchasing the new Viking items in the store, or grabbing the new stuff for your farm, grab this limited edition stuff fast! Raise your own Yak and plant your own Elderberry or Peppermint bushes to keep your farm lively and bountiful. Don’t forget to pick up a Friendship Arch from the store to show your Friendship Festival support in SoD!


There is plenty of awesome new features in-game, so be sure to check out all of them, today!




Check Out the UPGRADED School of Dragons Community Page!

Have you seen the awesome updates on our Community page? Our team noticed that the Vikings of SoD have demonstrated amazing creativity and skills that goes beyond dragon training, which is why we have decided to add a couple of new features to the page to highlight some students’ accomplishments. The content will be updated regularly and we encourage every Dragon Trainers’ participation in building a more vibrant and energetic Community! From sharing your Viking’s adventures in the Scriptures of the Viking Age, to the creation of outstanding Fan Art, to becoming a SoD recognized Viking of the Week, all these upgrades are made to honor YOUR achievements.

Start writing stories about your Viking’s endeavors in SoD by heading over to the Great Hall or the Fan Fiction forum. Scribble away and be sure to post it as a new thread! You can also contribute to other people’s stories by putting your Viking’s point of view to it. Let your inspiration run free!

For the brilliant artists out there, design a new banner for your Clan or post a picture of your finished artwork in the Fan Art section on the forum. We are looking for trainers from all skill levels, so put your best wing forward, because it’s the hard work that counts! If you came across SoD scenes you would like to share, don’t forget to take a screenshot of it and post it in the Screenshot forum for a chance to be chosen for our page.

Last but not least, Viking of the Week! Submit your profile and tell us why you should be featured as the ultimate Dragon Trainer on our page. This is the time to brag about all your accomplishments without reserve. Make sure you check the “How It Works” thread for the guidelines that helps increase your chance to be selected.

Fly over to our Community page now, and check out all these EPIC upgrades!

Smoother On-The-Go Experience

Looking for a more fluid gaming experience with the School of Dragons’ mobile app? The SoD team has put in a few fixes for the app to reduce crashes on your iPads and optimize your overall gameplay experience. Learn more at the iTunes App Store!

For better performance, don’t forget to close all your background apps and connect with a high speed internet network.

Game On!

The 1-day ONLY Viking Challenge has officially kicked off! You have until TONIGHT by 11:59PM PST to rank up your Eel Roast high scores and win the ultimate prize of an ALL-NEW helmet! Tackle those eels with all your might and be recognized as an elite Dragon Trainer of School of Dragons!

Eel Roast

Big Day Ahead of Us!

TOMORROW, from 12:00AM to 11:59PM PST, show us what you’ve learned in SoD and how tight your bond is with your dragon, by participating in the 1-day ONLY Viking Challenge! Roast as many eels as you can and rise to the TOP 50 in Sunday’s high score board, to win an EXCLUSIVE helmet that boosts your speed!