School of Dragons: The time is near…

With only hours left before School of Dragons flies into San Diego Comic Con to make its official debut, do you know where you will be when the clock officially winds down? Get ready because it’s almost time for you to put your horned helmets on to join your fellow would-be Vikings in a new world of adventure!


Thousands have already registered at Will you be among the first to start exploring when classes officially begin, in just a few hours? Gather your friends and get ready because there is not much time separating you from this virtual world game, based off DreamWorks Animation’s hit film, “How to Train your Dragon.”

Since pre-registration started, questions have been piling in from fans from across the globe, and soon you will be able to get the answers with the arrival of this highly anticipated summer release. What dragons do you and your friends have your heart set on? What area of the game are you most excited to explore? Now is the time to get yourself more familiar with each and every aspect of the game before it launches. Visit to review the game guide or go behind the scenes with the Artists Corner and our various online resources.

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