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Flight Tutorial and Tips

Becoming Odin of the skies in School of Dragons just got a lot easier! Read on to find tutorials on how to control the direction and speed of your dragon on both web and mobile, as well as a few tips to help you develop impeccable maneuvering and tactical skills by acing the basics about flying.

On Web

While you can use your mouse to control when your dragon takes flight to move forward, slow down/break, and shoot fireballs, by clicking on the icons on the bottom right of your screen, there are a few short cut keys you could use if you prefer handling flying and racing in SoD with your keyboard.

Flight Controls_Web

  • Spacebar – Pressing down once allows your dragon to jump on the spot. Double pressing your spacebar allows your dragon to hover above the ground. Clicking it for the third time will push your dragon forward.
  • Shift – Pressing this button gently and for a short period of time allows your dragon to slow down on its course. Pressing on it fully will stop your dragon entirely and it will hover at the same location.
  • F” – Letter F on your keyboard allows your dragon to shoot fireballs. However, this function only works when the red target is present and depending on how much energy your dragon has, this function will require a few seconds to recharge.


  • Practice all the tracks in single player mode before you take on other Vikings in an official race to familiarize yourself with the twist and turns.
  • Look for short cuts in specific tracks to beat another players’ time and get ahead.

On Mobile

You can change the location of the control icons on your screen by going to your Settings icon, located on the right side of your screen, and select “Customize” at the bottom of the window. Then, you can move the control icons to the desire location by dragging and releasing them. Similar to how you control your dragon on web, you will need to press the jump icon and then the Flight icon immediately for your dragon to hover above the ground.


Another way to calibrate the flying controls on your iPad is by the Accelerometer, which allows you to maneuver your dragon by moving your iPad physically. Simply go into your Settings and under “Flight Controls”, tap onto the Accelerometer Calibration selection and follow the instructions.



  • Set your control keys so you can maneuver the direction of your dragon with one hand, and wing speed, breaking, and shooting fireballs on the other.
  • When the red target is present, shoot fireballs at opponents who are in front of you in Thunder Run Racing to slow them down.

Join Stormfly for Spectacular, Spiky Fun

Stormfly has landed at School of Dragons and is eager to show off her skills. Hop on this spiky, boisterous dragon to fully experience the determination of a Deadly Nadder.

Stormfly1Soar through the frigid night air as you fly through unexplored terrain characterized by rough waters and massive walls of ice. Steer Stormfly through the haze, flying through rings and watching out for icicles that seem to appear out of thin air. Luckily, Stormly has her razor sharp spikes she can fling to shatter multiple objects that stand in your path. Time your shots to destroy as many icicles as possible to clear a way to the finish line—and of course, wave to the narwhals that swim by.

nadder-screen01Take flight with Stormfly through these challenging levels and feel the rush as you launch spikes at various obstacles. After this experience, you will understand why she is the perfect match for a strong-willed Viking like Astrid.

Have you Mastered the Frozen Warriors Track?

School of Dragons recently introduced 5 new levels in Flight Club! Have you and your winged companion been able to blow through these training stages with flying colors? Flight Club training is the perfect way to not only bond with your dragon but it also gives you the chance to master maneuvers that you might need in your next race to the finish line!


After all, you’ll want to be as prepared as you can be before your next trip to Thunder Run Racing. Think that you’re already a major player on these high flying tracks? Then it might be time for you to take on our latest troublesome track, Frozen Warriors! Here, you and your dragon will face the challenges of racing through icy cliffs and know how to move into any sudden turns. And, don’t forget to keep an eye out for any larger than life obstacles that block parts of your flight path like the frozen warrior statues. You’ll need to dodge these to post a top time.


Already completed your journey past the Frozen Warriors? Let us know what you have to say about this new track! What top times have you and your Viking classmates been posting?

School of Dragons: The time is near…

With only hours left before School of Dragons flies into San Diego Comic Con to make its official debut, do you know where you will be when the clock officially winds down? Get ready because it’s almost time for you to put your horned helmets on to join your fellow would-be Vikings in a new world of adventure!


Thousands have already registered at SchoolOfDragons.com. Will you be among the first to start exploring when classes officially begin, in just a few hours? Gather your friends and get ready because there is not much time separating you from this virtual world game, based off DreamWorks Animation’s hit film, “How to Train your Dragon.”

Since pre-registration started, questions have been piling in from fans from across the globe, and soon you will be able to get the answers with the arrival of this highly anticipated summer release. What dragons do you and your friends have your heart set on? What area of the game are you most excited to explore? Now is the time to get yourself more familiar with each and every aspect of the game before it launches. Visit SchoolOfDragons.com to review the game guide or go behind the scenes with the Artists Corner and our various online resources.

Counting Down the Days Until School of Dragons Arrives

Start polishing your armor and brushing up on your dragon trivia because School of Dragons will be in session soon.  Once classes begin, you and your Viking friends will learn the secrets behind the scientific method and can apply your knowledge to complete quests and help others throughout Berk.

However, the greatest perk of School of Dragons is finally being able to have your own dragon.  Pick a dragon companion that will learn and grow alongside you.  Raising it from childhood to adulthood, utilize your newfound skills to train your dragon and watch your relationship blossom as you learn more about its strengths, skills, and personality.  To count down the days with us, check our official School of Dragons countdown: http://Ez.com/SODCountdown.  The day is almost here, so grab some axe-wielding buddies and prepare to soar to unparalleled heights of fun with your new, fire-breathing best friend.