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Overview of the Free Gems Feature

Are you looking to earn extra gems to spend at Johann’s Trading Post to gear up your Viking outfit or other dragon trainers’ essentials? You can now earn FREE gems through three methods – inviting your friends, watching videos, or completing offers. Click onto the “Free Gems Now!” button, located under your gems count at the top of your screen, and a window will popup, showing all the options you can choose from. Start earning this precious in-game currency, today!

Free Gems Overview

Invite your Friends

Once you invited your friends through your email or Facebook account, and they registered on our website through the provided link, you will receive 50 FREE GEMS that will be automatically added to your account.

Invite Friends for Free Gems

Watch Videos Now

By watching each video from beginning to end, you can earn up to 3 gems per video!

Complete Offers Now!

You can choose from a range of offers to complete that allows you to earn from a few to 1,000+ gems! Be sure to check out this awesome source for extra gems that you can spend to upgrade your Viking gear, purchase a cool saddle for your dragon, or other epic in-game features.

Earn Gems by Building Your Clan!

Looking for new ways to earn those precious in-world gems and continue on your School of Dragons journey? Now, you and your fellow Vikings will are able to do just that with the all new Invite-a-friend feature through Facebook!

FBInviteThis amazing addition allows you to invite your friends to join you on your SoD adventures, and more importantly, to join YOUR new clan. Think you have what it takes to assemble the best group of Vikings to explore School of Dragons? Start strategizing today because all you need to do is head to your clan profile page to start gathering new recruits for a chance to earn 50 FREE Gems for every player that registers to join you in game.

Simply use the “Invite” button to start recruiting new members direct from your Facebook friends list! And, you won’t be the only one reaping the benefits from this amazing in-game addition. If your friends decide to join you and your clan for this high flying adventure, they’ll be gifted 25 FREE Gems to help get them started around the game. Give it a shot and let us know what you’ve got planned for your clan!