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Hurry to the Store for New Items!

New items recently arrived at the School of Dragons store that can cover you from head to toe in the finest armor Berk has to offer. Need a polished helmet to replace your old, dented one? Maybe you are looking for the perfect pair of boots to keep your feet warm? Tell us what you think about the new items at School of Dragons. We want to know your favorites!

Crude Skirt_8-21-13      Defense Wristbands_8-21-13

Iron Asterisk Helm_8-21-13       Monstrous Gold Helm_8-21-13

New Helmets and Hairstyles are Arriving

You have waited patiently for more items to arrive at the School of Dragons store, and the shelves are about to be stocked full of fresh items. Five new hairstyles and four helmets are making their way to the store tomorrow. Here is a taste of what is to come. What do you think?