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Help Your Farm Blossom at School of Dragons

It is no secret that Berk is frequently battered by the elements, and it requires a strong will and resourcefulness to live there. At School of Dragons, Vikings are trained to become farmers so they can utilize the environment to grow crops, raise livestock, and have a place to call home. For those looking to start their own farm, here is a guide to becoming a master farmer.


When first entering your farm, the Botanist will guide you through the basics of planting, watering, and harvesting crops. Learn about the different types of crops—how much water each seed needs and the time required to grow before harvesting. Once you have these basics down, you will be able to grow multiple crops and raise livestock to collect goods.


Expanding your farm and accessing more crops, livestock, and decorations requires experience and gold. If you are in need of extra gold or looking for a fun sidequest, talk to Trader Johann in your farm. He will give you quests you can accomplish through farming that will earn you valuable experience and gold.


You cannot allow your farm to look barren and unlivable like the wilds of Berk. Spruce things up by purchasing new buildings, flowers, and fun items like dragon totems or scare-Vikings.


Before you know it, your farm will be fully populated with various crops, livestock, buildings, and decorations. Organize it to reflect your personal style and take pride in your hard work. Invite your friends to hang out at your farm and enjoy a pleasant break from the toils of adventuring.

Hatchery Walkthrough: Pick Your Dragon!

Excited to start your adventure at SoD? Begin the epic journey by hurrying to the Hatchery to choose and hatch your dragon. Watch our tutorial video to find the Hatchery and go through the steps to greet your new, lifelong companion. http://Ez.com/SoDHatcheryVideo